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The EUROCOM MA6000 Series is the most powerful and accessible integrated mixing and amplification solution available.
MA6000 products combine automatic mixing, expandability, dual-channel amplification and a vast array of other standard features with a sleek, stylish front panel that focuses on simplicity. High power, scalability and unprecedented value—the EUROCOM MA6000 Series.
Full featured mixer with auto-mixing, diverse signal routing and powerful signal processing for use with external amplifiers.
MA6006 / MA6012 / MA6018
MA6006 / MA6012 / MA6018
High-powered integrated mixer-amplifier with auto-mixing. Available in 60, 120, or 180 Watt models
A6006/A6012/ A6018
A6006/A6012/ A6018
Powerful, energy-efficient dual-channel 70/100 V and Low-Z amplifiers delivering 60, 120, or 180 Watts
Looking for matching speakers? Eurocom supplies a large range of sound reinforcement, in-ceiling and on-wall models.
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