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For multi-channel surround mixing Bluefin2 is the most efficient technology available today.The award-winnging Bluefin HDSP was a revolution in DSP processing for broadcast sound mixing consoles.
It was revolutionary because, for the first time it was possible to have all the DSP for the entire console on a single card.With a colossal 1020 channel processing paths on one DSP card,
Bluefin2 is the most powerful DSP technology for audio processing currently available with a 432% increase in processing power in just 1% of the physical space when compared to Calrec’s non-FPGA based DSP processing system.
Bluefin2 also provides all these facilities with no restrictions on the DSP structure – all are available, all the time.

Super-high-density processing for HD broadcast Bluefin High Density Processing Technology (HDSP) changed the way broadcasters regarded DSP.
A truly revolutionary technology, it provided vastly superior levels of signal processing in a fraction of the space of conventional systems.

Bluefin was the world’s first implementation of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for full DSP processing, providing enough processing on one DSP card to power an entire mixing console running surround-sound productions.

Bluefin2 is the next generation of Calrec’s FPGA technology and has been designed for surround operation at both 48kHz and 96kHz from the outset.
It gives the Apollo console more than twice the processing power with a staggering 1020 channel processing paths.
It is the DSP powerhouse for the next generation of Calrec consoles and provides enough processing muscle to cope with the biggest, boldest 5.1 projects.

Thanks to Bluefin2, each Apollo channel has access to its own dedicated sixband parametric EQ, dynamics and delay processor, with a total delay of 78 minutes.
Apollo can address up to 16 main outputs,  48 group outputs, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxiliary outputs.
Bluefin2 also gives Apollo enough DSP power for two dynamics processors per channel if required, without any reduction in channel count.
As you would expect from Calrec, all these features are available irrespective of the processing load on other channels, as channel resources are not shared across 
the console.
And of course, system resilience is always reinforced with a second Bluefin2 card in each Apollo rack – it’s like having another console as a hot spare.
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