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Apollo provides unsurpassed processing power and a control surface with displays, touch screens and light-emitting knobs which detail function and status. Apollo utilises Bluefin2, the next generation of Bluefin HDSP, which provides unrivalled resources of up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxes. With single and dual fader options, Apollo can squeeze in more faders into a single footprint that any other console, and its integrated router provides total network flexibility. Apollo’s I/O functions are performed by the Hydra2 network, which uses high capacity 8192² cross-point routers and a variety of I/O units.
The twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, Artemis is based on the award-winning Apollo platform. Available in three sizes and utilizing the same Bluefin2 and Hydra2 technologies, Artemis has an enormous routing and processing capacity. Bluefin2 gives Artemis Shine 680 channel processing paths, 340 on an Artemis Beam and 240 on an Artemis Light, with up to 128 program busses, 64 IFB/Track outputs and 32 auxiliaries. Artemis Light packs all this into a 4U enclosure. Artemis’ integrated router means all I/O functions can be performed by Hydra2, using high capacity 8192² cross-point routers and a variety of I/O units.
Alpha with Bluefin is an all-digital audio console for live production and on-air use. All elements of system design are focused on simplicity and reliability. The assignable control surface encourages direct surface access to the majority of console functions. Bluefin provides 480 channel processing paths on one DSP card, with full EQ and dynamics to all channels, allowing up to 78 x full 5.1 channels. This technology ensures the Alpha with Bluefin console meets the needs of HD production and live to air delivery far into the future. It is also available in a compact Outside Broadcast version.
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