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SC48 Remote System

Studio-quality sound goes the distance
Get the same amazing sound quality, reliability, and portability of VENUE SC48 in a more versatile solution. As an alternative to the all-in-one SC48, the VENUE SC48 Remote System features the award-winning SC48 digital console paired with the new VENUE Stage 48 remote box, enabling you to place your I/O away from the console and closer to your sources, eliminating bulky cable clutter. And with fully integrated Pro Tools recording/playback and plug-in support, you can bring the sound of the studio to any live performance.

Key benefits
  • Get the sound, power, and reliability of VENUE in a flexible, compact system
  • Gain more pristine audio quality by placing mic preamps as close to sources as possible, eliminating long analog cable runs
  • Get highly reliable transmission through low-latency, open Ethernet AVB connectivity
  • Mix up to 48 inputs and 16 outputs (expandable to 32) between SC48 and Stage 48
  • Record and play back up to 32 Pro Tools tracks with just a laptop
  • Bring the sound of the studio to any live performance with direct plug-in support
  • Work with and transport show files created on any VENUE system

What's included?
Get the amazing sound quality and rock-solid reliability of VENUE all in one compact console. VENUE SC48 is a fully integrated live sound system that combines all I/O, digital signal processing, and tactile control into a single console, making it the most affordable and portable VENUE system yet. The console not only features the celebrated characteristics of VENUE, including studio-quality plug-in support, seamless integration with Pro Tools systems, and complete show file portability, it offers several innovative new workflows that streamline the mixing process, allowing you to concentrate on mixing the show instead of operating the board.
Stage 48
Stage 48
Bring I/O versatility to your VENUE SC48 console with VENUE Stage 48, a robust AVB-enabled stage box option that provides a reliable, cost-effective way of adding remote I/O to your setup. With Stage 48 (and its companion Ethernet Snake Card installed in your console), you can eliminate the bulky clutter, inherent noise, and expense of analog multicore snakes, and get superior sound quality wherever you need it.
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