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PROFILE system

VENUE live sound systems are comprised of high-quality components that work together to deliver studio-grade sound, powerful performance, and complete ease of use, with maximum flexibility. The VENUE Profile System is based around the VENUE Profile console and employs a VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers great I/O expandability and a compact console, providing maximum power in a smaller footprint.
VENUE Profile System includes all of the following components, which you can further customize for your needs:

VENUE Profile Console
VENUE Profile Console

The compact VENUE Profile console is a size-conscious alternative to its acclaimed big brother D-Show, the flagship console in the VENUE line. It’s also fully compatible with all existing VENUE hardware and software. With VENUE Profile, the legendary sound quality, flexibility, and reliability of a VENUE system is tailored to fit small- to mid-sized environments and applications, such as houses of worship, corporate events, theaters, nightclubs, and remote broadcasts

ECx Option Ethernet card
ECx Option Ethernet card
Control your VENUE system remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet network with the ECx Ethernet Option Card, a replacement option for the VENUE FOH Rack (current FOH Racks include the ECx Card as standard). With the ECx Ethernet Card installed, you can use a compatible Ethernet-equipped Mac- or Windows-based laptop or desktop computer (sold separately) to remotely control all VENUE system console and VENUE software functions from practically anywhere inside - or even outside - the venue.
VENUE Stage Rack
VENUE Stage Rack
VENUE Stage Rack serves as a remote I/O component of the VENUE live sound system for stage connections. Working in conjunction with VENUE FOH Rack, Stage Rack can be expanded to house a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs for mic and line-level connections, which are delivered via a 75 Ohm BNC digital snake connection to the DSP Mix Engine cards housed in the FOH Rack. Up to two Stage Racks can be used simultaneously with a VENUE D-Show® or VENUE Profile™ system to handle large-scale stage productions — up to 96 total mic/line inputs and outputs.
FOH Rack serves as the central processing component of the VENUE live sound system. Generally positioned near the console, FOH Rack houses an embedded control computer and DSP Mix Engine cards, with room for additional hardware option cards, providing connectivity for local inserts and outboard devices. FOH Rack is compatible with VENUE D-Show and VENUE Profile consoles, works in conjunction with Stage Rack for remote stage connections, employs VENUE D-Show® software as its graphical user interface, and enables full Pro Tools integration with optional interface cards.
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