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D-SHOW system

VENUE live sound systems are comprised of high-quality components that work together to deliver studio-grade sound, powerful performance, and complete ease of use, with maximum flexibility. The VENUE D-Show System is based around the VENUE D-Show console and employs a VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers the greatest amount of I/O and console expandability, enabling it to accommodate even the largest ensemble performances.
VENUE is a revolutionary line of digital live sound systems that deliver amazing sound quality, reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Designed with direct input from leading mix engineers, VENUE brings innovation and intuitive workflows to live mixing, answering the complexities of today’s live sound applications while empowering efficiency and creativity. From studio-grade plug-in processing support and seamless Pro Tools® integration to customizable options that fit a variety of interface needs, VENUE is shaping the future of live sound, and is the choice for concert tours, clubs, houses of worship, theaters, and broadcast events.

Amazing Sound Clarity
Achieve studio-quality sound, with optimal clarity and smoothness, in live sound environments thanks to studio-grade mic preamps, pristine digital audio conversion, and high-quality processing. 

Rock-Solid Reliability
The live environment is unpredictable. That’s why all VENUE systems are built to withstand the rigors of the road and designed to circumvent potential hazards for total peace of mind.

Complete Ease of Use
From consoles that give you familiar functionality, to software that’s simple to use, you gain great efficiency so you can spend more time exploring your creativity. 

Flexibility for Your Needs
Whether you need more power, I/O, or faders, or want to integrate personal monitoring and/or Pro Tools recording, there’s an option to meet your needs.

The Sound of the Studio, Live
With VENUE, recording artists can experience the same sound that inspired them in the studio on stage, thanks to direct Pro Tools plug-in support.

Direct Connection to Pro Tools
Get the most streamlined, economical approach to integrating Pro Tools recording and playback into your live environment with an option card — no additional interfaces required.

Save Time with Virtual Soundcheck
Fine-tune mixes based on previous live recordings. With Pro Tools and Virtual Soundcheck, you can EQ the room, set up snapshots, and more — without the band.

Complete Scalability
Because all VENUE systems operate on the same software platform, you can swap out individual VENUE components to re-scale your system as your needs change.

Total Show File Portability
Never rebuild show files or chart settings again when you change systems. With VENUE, you can copy show files to a USB key for use on any VENUE system.

VENUE D-Show System includes all of the following components, which you can further customize for your needs:
VENUE D-show
VENUE D-show
Expandable Console The result of several years of design and ergonomic refinement by the engineers at Avid, the flagship VENUE D-Show® live sound console was developed with input from the world’s leading mix engineers in touring sound, theater, houses of worship, and fixed installations to provide superior ease of operation, flexibility, and reliability. D-Show is fully expandable, easy to use, and provides complete creative control of even the largest audio productions from one centrally located mixing position.
FOH Rack serves as the central processing component of the VENUE live sound system. Generally positioned near the console, FOH Rack houses an embedded control computer and DSP Mix Engine cards, with room for additional hardware option cards, providing connectivity for local inserts and outboard devices. FOH Rack is compatible with VENUE D-Show and VENUE Profile consoles, works in conjunction with Stage Rack for remote stage connections, employs VENUE D-Show® software as its graphical user interface, and enables full Pro Tools integration with optional interface cards.
VENUE Stage Rack
VENUE Stage Rack
VENUE Stage Rack serves as a remote I/O component of the VENUE live sound system for stage connections. Working in conjunction with VENUE FOH Rack, Stage Rack can be expanded to house a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs for mic and line-level connections, which are delivered via a 75 Ohm BNC digital snake connection to the DSP Mix Engine cards housed in the FOH Rack. Up to two Stage Racks can be used simultaneously with a VENUE D-Show® or VENUE Profile™ system to handle large-scale stage productions — up to 96 total mic/line inputs and outputs.
D-Show Sidecar
D-Show Sidecar
The VENUE D-Show® Sidecar adds an additional 16 input faders and associated control to an existing D-Show Main Unit. You can use up to three D-Show Sidecars with a single D-Show Main Unit, giving you access to up to 56 faders from a single bank on the console. You can physically attach the D-Show Sidecars to either side of the D-Show Main Unit to create one complete console, or employ them as physically detached but connected floating units, giving you greater flexibility in your setup (connection is made via a simple 110 Ohm 3-pin XLR cable).
ECx Option Ethernet card
ECx Option Ethernet card
Control your VENUE system remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet network with the ECx Ethernet Option Card, a replacement option for the VENUE FOH Rack (current FOH Racks include the ECx Card as standard). With the ECx Ethernet Card installed, you can use a compatible Ethernet-equipped Mac- or Windows-based laptop or desktop computer (sold separately) to remotely control all VENUE system console and VENUE software functions from practically anywhere inside - or even outside - the venue.
AVID VENUE Masterclass 16/11/12On friday 16/11/12 FACE hosted an AVID VENUE MASTERCLASS. AVID's very own Robb Allan (Coldplay, Massive Attack,...) brought his experience to the table and shared some of his trick of the trade.
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DIGIDESIGN SEMINAR 22/11/11Het Digidesign seminar dat door ging in de FACE studio op 22 september was een groot succes. Onder begeleiding van Steven Bontinck kregen alle deelnemers een grondig inzicht in de Digidesign Venue mixtafels.
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