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Pro Series
The ASL Pro Series of Analog Intercom products offers comprehensive and highly flexible systems solutions for full duplex, party-line communications. The Pro Series can accommodate multiple channels, very large user station counts, and both wired and wireless user stations. Though extensive configurations are possible, all interconnections are based on standard balanced microphone cable (XLR-3 connectors), and installation requires no expert knowledge.
Basic Series
The Basic Series provides a cost-effective solution in more limited applications that require full duplex, party line communication. All interconnections are made with standard, balanced microphone cable with XLR-3 connectors. Installation requires no expert knowledge, and clear layout of controls assures trouble-free operation with a very short learning curve.

Analog Intercom Accessories
ASL provides a complete array of intercom accessories, allowing system designers to customize each intercom configuration to match specific application requirements. All ASL accessories are designed to exacting tolerances, and manufactured using high-grade components, in order to provide years of reliable service in either portable/touring or fixed installation applications.

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