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The Vieta philosophy is to design and deliver products which meet the changing taste and technologies of the ever developing consumer electronic marketplace.

Vieta consistently seeks to and introduces new and innovative solutions to product design. Over the last 50 years Vieta has been responsible for several patented innovation designs and is one of the main pioneers in the use of leading edge technology. 

Only once rigorous research and development and quality checks have been made are our products released to the consumer. All our products are manufactured to meticulous quality standards carrying the CE and e markings and applicable warranties.

DO line
Vieta’s DO Line comprises ten high performance passive speakers, specifically designed to ensure accurate sound reproduction in a wide range of different acoustic spaces.
RE line 
Vieta´s Re Line has been designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of sound engineering applications including, music bars, night-clubs, theatres and live performances
MI line 
Vieta´s Mi Line is a range of in-ceiling and in-wall mounting speakers delivering high-effciency full-range performance. 

 FA line
Vieta´s Fa Line has been designed specifically for those applications where controlled, accurate dispersion and high performance are required, like open air live performances and night-clubs.

SO line
Vieta´s So Line is a range of uniquely-styled speakers and accessories, using Garwood-specified wireless technology and state-of-the-art battery power, to provide clear, controllable sound in situations where conventional speaker systems cannot.
TI line
The Ti Line from Vieta is a new, compact, remote-controlled amplifier system, designed for low to medium power use in fixed installations. The small, modular Amplifier Blocks are to DIN rail size and fixing standards.
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