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Soundhub  Tracker LV/DB Series

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TiMax Tracks the Vampires in epic gothic masterpieceBerlin’s enchanting Theater des Westens is currently playing host to a stage musical production of Polanski’s Tanz de Vampire (Dance of the Vampires) with libretto by Dr Michael Kunze and music composed by the legendary Jim Steinmann of Meatloaf fame. In keeping with the show’s lavish staging, a TiMax Tracker performer tracking system and TiMax SoundHub-S32 delay-matrix have been employed to create authentic vocal localisation and immersive surround sound effects.
TiMax SoundHub iPad app supports CocaCola Experiential ShowcasingThe TiMax Soundhub matrix server found itself at the heart of the London 2012 Olympic Park this summer when it was deployed in the Coca Cola Beatbox “experiential showcasing” pavilion, to control a multi-channel soundscape system distributed around the interior.
TiMax SoundHub-M is the latest addition to the versatile suite of TiMax2 SoundHub matrix processors and audio showcontrol products. Targeted towards museums, visitor attractions, rides, hospitality, retail and other AV installations, it provides a multi-channel playback server and multizone processor and controller linked with directional audio localisation and spatialisation for a higher level of message impact and immersion to the all-important visitor experience. 
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