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MOTU is a leading developer of computer-based audio and video production hardware and software.
MOTU was founded in 1980 and has been developing audio, video and music technology products since 1984.
Inspired by the Macintosh when it first appeared, engineers at MOTU developed one of the Macintosh's first music programs ever. Performer®, the music industry standard for MIDI sequencing, began shipping in 1985.
MOTU products serve a wide range of users, from consumers to enterprise-level installations in music, broadcast, film, gaming and other entertainment industries.

USB / Firewire Audio  PCI Audio Video

Software MIDI Guitar

FACE distributes MOTU for:

FACE verdeelt nu ook MOTU in NederlandVanaf heden kunnen Nederlandse klanten ook terecht bij FACE voor het volledige gamma van Mark Of The Unicorn- beter bekend als "MOTU". 
MOTU DEBUTS ITS FIRST PRODUCT WITH THUNDERBOLT TECHNOLOGYMOTU, Inc. introduced the HDX-SDI with ThunderboltTM technology, a professional video interface that turns a Thunderbolt technology enabled Mac or PC into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation equipped with all the video and audio I/O needed for professional capture and monitoring.
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