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Crest Audio has been in business for over twenty years producing amplifiers, consoles and control products servicing a diverse range of international markets.
In each of its enterprises, Crest Audio is known for the excellence and value of its products.

Not all audio components are created equally. Crest Audio has always striven to produce components which embody the finest audio quality and most rugged physical construction-regardless of cost.
This design philosophy results in products which always exceed the audio specifications and physical demands of their target application.Crest Audio components could be designed with lower cost in mind, but now without sacrificing the excellence of our brand has come to represent.
This difference is clearly audible when placing our products in A/B comparisons with competitors.

Tour Class / Portable PA amplification Commercial amplification  Nexsys & Control

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FACE distributes CREST in:

FACE Contact   
Hoek 76 - unit 301     
2850 Boom

E: info@face-be.eu     
T: +32 3 844 67 97
F: +32 3 844 67 4
H.R. Antwerpen 291868
IBAN BE05 4144 1939 3175
BTW BE0 448 180 481

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