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ASL Intercom is dedicated to the single goal of providing rugged, reliable, flexible and high-quality communications systems for event production, broadcast and related applications. ASL products are acclaimed worldwide for their exceptional voice intelligibility, dependable operation, and user interfaces suited to the most demanding, fast-paced production environments.

Digital Intercom
ASL Digital Intercom products leverage the latest advances in networking technology to offer exceptional system configuration flexibility, enhanced user features, and easy system setup. ASL Digital Intercom systems can be scaled to any application size, from small portable systems to large, intricate networks spanning extensive live event and broadcast facilities.
Analog Intercom
ASL Analog Intercoms are designed for a broad spectrum of applications requiring clear, reliable, and easy-to-use communications. Two product series are offered to meet every need, from single-channel systems with two or three beltpacks up to complex, multi-channel systems incorporating multiple speaker stations along with wired and wireless beltpacks.
Cue LIght system
The ASL Cue Light system consists of one or more TS 120 12-channel Master Stations, the required number of TS 10 Cue Light Receivers, and the optional TS 99 Preset Control unit. Connections between Master Stations and Receivers utilize standard microphone cables with XLR-3 connectors.

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NAS AND VIRTUAL SPECTATOR BRING ASL TO CRICKET AUSTRALIASports content creator Virtual Spectator recently purchased ASL Intercom BV equipment from National Audio Systems (NAS) for the outside broadcast trailers the company built to support its Cricket Australia contract.

Corrino Enjoys Seamless Communication With ASLCorrino Media Group (CMG) is one of the Netherlands major media production companies, operating as a one-stop-shop for the film, broadcast, live event, advertising and other industries. Clear communications between staff at the events it services are vital, which is why the company has invested in a significant ASL digital intercom system.
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