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Wildsun 200S

Wildsun 200S
The family of “Wash” AYRTON LED luminaires is expanding. The WILDSUN 500, which met with huge international success, now has a younger sibling: the compact WÌLDSUN 200 “S”. “S” stands for “Stage”, which implies that this luminaire was mainly designed to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. The beam’s narrow angle, zoom speed rate, depth and repeatability of colours have been the subject of special attention and of the appropriate technical response.

This new luminaire integrates the new 4G AYRTON technology, which allows for the individual control of each LED source in extended FULL COLOUR mode (RGBW). The WILDSUN 200 “S” provides the options to create 4.29 billion colours and boasts a motorised linear 4:1 zoom, which allows for a beam angle adjustable from 8° to 32°. Fitted with 15-Watt LED modules equipped with 45-mm optics with very high output, associated with a sophisticated cooling system, it provides an overall luminous flux in excess of 4.200 lumen.

Numerous pre-programmed dynamic effects are available in the internal memory, which can be combined with multiple reproduction methods and colour macros. WÌLDSUN 200 “S” is the ideal luminaire for your designs, concerts, television sets and any other application in which the power/performance/volume ratio is critical.

Download the Wildsun 200S product sheet here

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