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Smartlink Stations
Smartlink Stations
Don’t let lighting controls detract from your venue’s beauty. ETC offers SmartLink button control stations in two sizes and a variety of colors, while providing easy access to lighting scenes. We also offer the functional and stylish SmartLink TimeClock, giving you access to all your presets and time-of-day control, from a single location. You choose what fits your location’s aesthetics and needs.
Unison DRd with Smartlink Control
Unison DRd with Smartlink Control
The newest member of ETC’s SmartLink family of plug-and-play lighting control and dimming products is the easy-to-use SmartLink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) in the new Unison DRd dimming enclosure. For the first time, small- to mid-sized architectural venues can seize the advantages of modularity – both in dimming and control.
Smartpack Wallmount with Smartlink
Smartpack Wallmount with Smartlink
SmartPack Wall Mount is a practical choice for space-starved venues that need high-quality permanent dimming, but with a small footprint and small price tag. Available with either six 2400-watt dimmers or twelve 1200-watt dimmers with fully rated magnetic breakers, Wall Mount is the user-friendly lighting-control solution for restaurants, clubs, school auditoriums and houses of worship
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