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Matrix MkII Installation Racks (ESR)
Matrix MkII Installation Racks (ESR)
Flexible SineWave or SCR dimming
Matrix MkII installation racks can combine dimmers of different ratings and styles to be used in the same installation. It supports up to 162 dimmer channels, and can tailor its dimming to suit any power control needs.
Matrix MkII Dimmer Modules
Matrix MkII Dimmer Modules
A variety of modules for your dimming needs
With a variety of modules – iSCR, iSine, iSw, and iCon – Matrix MkII is available in plug-in formats for 3kW, 5kW or 12kW dimming.
Matrix MkII Touring Racks
Matrix MkII Touring Racks
IES technology in a rack ready to hit the road
ETC’s acclaimed IES Matrix MkII technology is now rolling onto European stages in a new touring rack format!
ETC SineWave Distributed Dimming
ETC SineWave Distributed Dimming
Quiet power with the convenience of distributed sine wave dimming
Put your dimming anywhere you need it – closer to the audience, closer to the luminaire –and easily add more as your lighting system requires.
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