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The ASL Cue Light system consists of one or more TS 120 12-channel Master Stations, the required number of TS 10 Cue Light Receivers, and the optional TS 99 Preset Control unit. Connections between Master Stations and Receivers utilize standard microphone cables with XLR-3 connectors.
Two or more TS 120 Master Stations can be interlinked using the D9 connectors on the rear panel.
Linking two units, for example, creates a 24-channel cue light system. Up to twelve units may be linked in this manner, for a maximum of 144 channels. Regardless of how many units are linked, only one TS 99 Preset Controller is required.
TS 120 Cue Light Master Station
TS 120 Cue Light Master Station
This 2U rack-mount unit includes 12 cue light channels, plus two global push buttons for “All Selected Channels Go” and “Clear.” Each cue light channel has push buttons for ATTN (attention) and GO, with a bi-color status LED that illuminates red in ATTN mode and green in GO mode. The presence of a connected TS 10 receiver is detected automatically; if no receiver is present, the channel is ignored by the TS 120. The auto-select power supply may be connected to voltages from 100 – 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz.
TS 10 Cue Light Receiver
TS 10 Cue Light Receiver
This ABS box has a large red LED indicating the ATTN (Attention) signal, an acknowledge (ACKN) button and a large green LED indicating the GO signal. The TS 10 receiver is powered by the TS 120 Cue Light Master Station.
TS 99 Cue Light Preset Control
TS 99 Cue Light Preset Control
The TS 99 Preset Control is powered by the TS 120 via the interconnecting cable. It can hold a maximum of 100 presets, stored in non volatile memory. Each preset is a selection out of maximum 144 channels, obtained when twelve TS 120 master stations are linked (see above ‘Linking two or more TS 120 Master Stations’). Each preset has its page number, which is selected and displayed in the LED screen by using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ push buttons.
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