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DS 290 2-channel Beltpack
Built to the same strict standards for ruggedness and reliability as ASL’s renowned analog beltpacks, the DS 290 offers all the features expected in any high-quality 2-channel unit: separate TALK, and CALL buttons, separate volume controls, MENU button, separate activity indicators, and a factory option for use with binaural headsets.

In addition to these capabilities, the DS 290 applies advanced digital technology for a higher level of performance and unprecedented user utility. The DS 290’s ability to receive text messages can prove critical when essential information must be given before all users are at their stations, or when audible interruptions are not possible. Also, the Person-to-Person (PTP) call capability allows critical or unexpected point-to-point communications to go through without interrupting communications on a regular group channel.
To adjust headset levels on the separate channels, the DS 290 uses dual iN-touch volume controls instead of standard potentiometers. With no external or moving parts, the iN-touch controls eliminate frustrating problems with lost or broken knobs or “scratchy” potentiometers.

In normal operating mode, the bright OLED display shows group names and Listen volumes as bars. When text messages are received, sender and message content is displayed. Pressing the PTP button initiates a PTP call, and both the display and the TALK and CALL buttons switch over to PTP call mode. Pressing the MENU button puts display and buttons into MENU mode for selection and adjustment of options.

The DS 290 connects to the intercom network via secure etherCON connectors (IN and LINK) on the bottom panel. An XLR-4 connector (XLR-5 when binaural) is provided for the headset, and a separate 2.5 mm micro jack allows connection of a “listen only” headset.

DS 290 Features in Brief
  • Sleek, ultra-modern design
  • Dual iN-touch touch-sensitive volume controls have no moving parts and no external knobs
  • Separate CALL and TALK per channel
  • Bright, high-contrast OLED display
  • Person-to-Person (PTP) calling enabled
  • Adjustable button illumination
  • Text message display
  • Built-in mic limiter
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