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AIM Advanced Intercom Matrixing

Reliability + Advanced Features
The ASL Digital Intercom builds on a solid foundation. After all, ASL is known worldwide as a leader in the design and engineering of high quality analog systems. In creating our new digital systems, a fundamental goal was to assure – at a minimum – the same level of reliability and user utility available in our analog products. In the digital realm, ASL engineers applied the latest advances in digital networking, and then created new proprietary network protocols ideally matched to “fail-safe” intercom applications. The result is ASL Digital: a robust and exceptionally flexible intercom system offering exclusive new user benefits.

Flexible and Expandable Configuration
ASL Digital Intercom networks can be configured using star, daisy-chain or line topologies. System designers can choose the approach that is most efficient and cost-effective for the given application. Each compact (1U) matrix unit serves up to 40 users (beltpacks or speaker stations), and up to six units may be linked via copper or fiber optic cable to expand capacity up to 240 user stations.

Direct connections via voice or text
ASL’s advanced technology enables several new user benefits. For example, ASL Digital allows direct person-to-person communication (like a telephone call) from any user station to any other user station, including beltpacks. There’s no need to use a group channel. In addition, ASL Digital Intercom offers text messaging from a keypad speaker station to any other user(s). This can prove extremely valuable when an operator is temporarily away from his or her station, or cannot immediately respond to a voice call.

System Illustration
The system illustrated here is a 252 x 252 matrix accommodating up to 240 user stations plus 12 interfaces inside the DS 4000 M units. Additional interfaces may be incorporated by connecting a separate external 19” rack-mount interface frame to the intercom lines. Each external interface module occupies one user station position. Products with active links in the accompanying products lists are currently available; remaining products are in development, with most scheduled to ship during 2010.

DS4000 M
DS4000 M
A single DS 4000 M Master Matrix is the centerpiece of a basic ASL Digital Intercom system for as many as 40 users
DS4000 S
DS4000 S
The lower-cost DS 4000 S Slave is designed for use in conjunction with one or more DS 4000 M Master Matrix units to expand the system - in 40 user segments - up to 240 users
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