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Intuitive and easy-to-use
ConfigurIT software provides a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for configuring ASL Digital Intercom systems. It also allows users to quickly create various presets to automatically reconfigure the system for different types of events, or for different productions in repertory. The software is stored in non-volatile memory inside the DS 4000 M Master unit. The configuration is effective for both the master matrix and all connected slave matrix units. ConfigurIT software can be accessed with any user interfaces suited to the situation: a touchscreen; a standard screen with mouse only or mouse and keyboard; or a connected laptop computer. ConfigurIT software may be operated or edited ON LINE (in an active event) or OFF LINE.

Initial system set-up is an efficient, streamlined process using proprietary ConfigurIT software. First, unique user IDs are assigned to a person (“Jack Jones”), a job title (“Lighting Director”), or a physical location (“Lighting Booth”). Each user is then assigned a station type: beltpack, 16-channel speaker station, 8-channel speaker station, etc. Users (and user stations) can be quickly assigned to user groups for different applications and productions. Assignments for each new event can be saved as presets to allow instant system reconfiguration for different productions in repertory.

Operating tasks are clearly and intuitively divided into several different screens, each corresponding to various steps in the configuration process: creating groups, creating users, naming the user IDs, assigning users to groups, groups to channels, and creating preset configurations for different productions or types of events.

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